Wisdom Code International is an international non-governmental organization, which was founded in 2011 with a view to unite common efforts of the progressive part of the world, which examine moral values as a source of stable human development. 

Organization’s projects:

Project’s goal: collect people’s knowledge in all languages of the world, for example:
- quotations, aphorisms, proverbs;
- poems, song lyrics;
- anecdotes, jokes and caricatures.

Mission's aim: collect, keep and popularize the sculptures of angels.

If you would like to present one sculpture for our museum of Angels, please send it on the address:
Gross-Enzersdorfer Str., 36/6, Vienna A-1220, Austria
At the same time, a sculpture of an angel can be made of any solid material (metal, ceramics, porcelain, wood, glass, plastic, composite materials, papier-mache), but its height should not exceed 34 cm.